How is technology influencing the Human Resources function?

How is technology influencing the human resources function? How to prepare, train and manage personnel within the new digital environment? What kind of contractual models will define a world of flexible work, without schedules or physical workplaces? How should the culture of a company that works with Artificial Intelligence be? Technology is nowadays a reality that is modifying social models and the job sector structure. We can resist or be scared by the impact it may eventually have on our lives, as the Black Mirror series shows us. But, just as in every process of change, the smartest thing to do is to stand up, analyze the data, evaluate the impact. And with all this, establishing an appropriate strategy to turn it into an opportunity for progress, growth and development.

This is the purpose of the Observatory of Human Resources in Innovation and Technology (ORHIT). An ORH and CVA initiative, where IN2 participates, and which arises from the premise that collective intelligence is the best source of knowledge. To move on the right direction, we must first know where we are and where we want to go. ORHIT has taken a picture of the HR function in terms of IT. What it is working on, what processes are changing, what problems it is facing and how it is solving them; and above all, how technology is influencing the experience of employees during their stay in the company.

Based on the knowledge provided by the members of the network, ORHIT will define the new process map defined by innovation and enhanced by ICT.

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