Industry 4.0

Our Industry 4.0 solutions are prepared to accompany companies in their digital transformation processes.

In this new (r) evolution, companies have at their disposal new tools to optimize their processes, manage quality control, ensure traceability and promote predictive and preventive maintenance.

Processes optimization

Our solutions cover all phases of the optimization cycle, implementing mechanisms that maximize productivity and efficiency by increasing production and / or reducing operating costs.

Quality control

IN2 Industry 4.0 Solutions allows to automate the capture of the measurements, analyze the obtained information, continuously evaluate the differences with respect to the expected values, present the information in visual panels, and generate warnings and alerts.


Our Solutions are able to capture the data generated in the production process and integrate them with the management applications to generate traceability information of the elaborated product.

Predictive and preventive maintenance

IN2 Industry 4.0 Solutions alloww to obtain the information that describes the state of the machinery to detect, analyze and correct problems in the equipment before the failure occurs.

From IN2 we respond to these needs through document management solutions, integration platforms, information display panels and data management, as well as in2tant, our IoT communication and integration solution.



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