Published at 14/01/2022

How has the public administration solved face-to-face attention during the pandemic?

The pandemic we have suffered has forced many companies and organizations to rethink some of their essential activities. One of the areas most affected by the situation has been the face-to-face attention, an activity that had a lot of weight in certain processes and that suddenly was almost completely paralyzed. This forced the affected organizations to look for solutions in technology so as not to stop an activity that could affect the most vulnerable people.

One of the most affected sectors was the public administration, which needed new channels to continue serving citizens. IN2 showed its support from the beginning, offering its experience and knowledge in the public sector and in modern communication tools available to everyone. From this synergy, IN2tant Video was born, our videoconference-assisted care solution that is already being used by various departments of the Generalitat de Catalunya to serve dozens of people.

IN2tant Video is a remote service solution so that citizens can resolve doubts and carry out procedures with the support of a videoconference tool. The solution is designed to expedite the attention to citizens when carrying out procedures, making inquiries and providing advice, since it reduces the need for face-to-face assistance at the service offices.

It is built on the following fundamental axes:

IN2tant Video is not just another videoconferencing solution such as Zoom or Hangouts, it is a component designed to open a communication channel between citizens and the entities’ processing systems, facilitating open communication but also speeding up internal management by integrating the components and systems.

As of today, the Catalan Tax Agency and the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona are already using In2tant Video to attend to dozens of requests every day and securely connecting people spread throughout the territory. And this is just the beginning.

By Alejandro Ugartondo

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