Published at 02/05/2023

From Server to Cloud, the JIRA migration more necessary than ever

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Jira is a popular project management tool in all markets, available on Server and Cloud. If you're already using Jira or another Atlassian tool in your organization, you may have already heard the latest news: Jira Server has an "expiration date"!

But first of all, what are the differences between Jira Server and Jira Cloud? And most importantly, why is it necessary to migrate Jira to the cloud?

In Jira Server, as the name suggests, the tool is on your own server and you are responsible for the installation and maintenance; on the other hand, in Jira Cloud, the application is in the cloud and Atlassian is responsible for the infrastructure and maintenance.

The migration of Jira from Server to Cloud is necessary for a simple and conclusive reason; Atlassian has already announced the date when it will stop supporting Jira Server accounts. On February 15, 2024, Jira Server will no longer provide technical support, security updates and bug fixes for critical vulnerabilities.

Ending Jira Server

But this countdown is not the only reason to migrate to the cloud! Jira Cloud has multiple advantages such as:

In comparison, managing a local environment has hidden costs, as you are in charge of installation and maintenance. And other tools don't have the user friendliness and security level of Atlassian.

If you're considering migrating Jira to the Cloud and need support along the way, IN2 can help! We'll make it a smooth and customised transition.  We are ready to make your goal our goal, adapting to your needs and putting at your disposal a team of experts who are just a phone call away.

Evaluate your migration

We also provide you with a Self-Assessment Questionnaire that will allow you to know where your organization stands and how long the migration would take. 


In addition, we offer a free 2-hour consultancy service, in which we will make a diagnosis and will analyze which is the optimal way to carry out your migration.

Jira to Cloud migration, now more customized and closer to you

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