Published at 21/09/2022

The IDB entrusts IN2 with the consultancy project on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) has reaffirmed its confidence in IN2 to develop a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) consulting project; a methodology and instrument that will help the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean.

On previous occasions we have had the opportunity to work together, developing a methodology and instrument to identify the level of maturity of an EHR (Electronic Health Record) as well as a methodology and instrument to identify the degree of compliance with the established requirements (Clinical, Security, Interoperability and Usability) by an EHR.

To these two tools will now be added this new methodology to help governments, specifically the Ministries of Health, assess and monitor the costs involved in certain processes, such as the implementation of a technological solution in a hospital, for example.

The project has a technological side, but also combines expertise in health and economics. In order to successfully carry out the project, the aim is to establish a methodology to identify and estimate the costs arising from the implementation of a technological solution. It is necessary to take into account all the variables and concepts beyond the usual ones, such as the cost in time of adaptation of the users, for example, and to consider not only the acquisition cost but also aspects related to the use, maintenance and spare part. of the technological solution.

The aim is to provide governments with a tool that allows them to make decisions about which tools, when and how they should implement them, taking into account the associated costs.

By Agnès Aguiló
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