Published at 21/09/2022

The role of women in the technological world

Today, March 8, International Women’s Day in which everyone’s struggle to achieve equal conditions is highlighted, we want to take the opportunity to give visibility to the important role that women have had and have in the world of technology.

If our sector has been able to grow and evolve, it is, in part, thanks to women like Ada Lovelace, who created what is considered the first computer program in history; or Radia Joy Perlman, who is considered the mother of the internet. There are many female engineers, scientists, doctors… who were not taken into account in their day because of their gender and who have made possible some of the greatest advances in our sector.

That is why we believe it is so important to promote the role that women have had and have in technology, and move towards a more respectful society where these referents are given visibility.

At IN2 we are committed to working to create a more inclusive sector, with equal opportunities and with female role models for the women of tomorrow.

By Núria Illa

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