Published at 21/09/2022

Is your organization ready for digital transformation?

How can we answer this question? If you want to know a practical case of our M3 methodology to help you address the digital transformation in your organization, join us in the workshop that we prepare together with the UCH (Unió Catalana d'Hospitals) on November 13th.

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Digital transformation is a much talked concept today; but, do we know very well what it is, what it represents for our organization in all its areas? How far are we from having a good level of digital transformation? What should we do to improve what we have?

What is the path we must take and at what point on this path are we?

We want to help answer all these questions through this practical workshop, on this occasion, specifically aimed at HR departments.
We have worked together with experts to develop a methodology aimed at identifying the degree of maturity of an organization in a certain field, our M3 (Maturity Model Methodology).

What can we find out with M3?

– What is the path to follow to achieve an effective digital transformation? (each level of the M3 is a stage of digital evolution that must be carried out)

– Where are we on this path? (M3 tells us what level we are at and, therefore, what is the road ahead of us)

– What are the actions to be carried out to go to the next level? (M3 allows us to identify the following actions to undertake)

And all this not only from a technological point of view but also addressing business processes and the teams and people that must be involved. M3 gives us a level of maturity for each of the dimensions, and the actions to be undertaken for each dimension as well.

If you are interested in knowing more, do not miss the workshop on November 19th

Por Agnès Aguiló
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