Published at 21/09/2022

IN2 develops the eConsulting for specialized care in Catalonia

As is clear and obvious, we are living in extraordinary circumstances (in the literal sense of the term) and we have had to change many aspects of our lives: from working mainly from home to wearing our face covered with a piece of clothes … The pandemic has forced us to run when it comes to introducing digital transformation into our lives, which they know very well, for example, those who have school-age children!

One of these aspects of digital evolution has been the care of citizens by health centers. Although mechanisms that saved the face-to-face visit had been timidly introduced, this has now become the norm and not the exception:


However, in the framework of specialized care (the specialist doctor who treats us, for example an ophthalmologist or a cardiologist) there was until now no tool to help make virtual visits. That’s why the Department of Health launched two initiatives last spring, video consultation and eConsultation AE.

And within the long relationship we have with the Department of Health, it has relied on us, in collaboration with T-Systems, to design and develop this eConsultation for Specialized Care.

Made the pilot with the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, the reception by the healthcare professionals has been very positive.

This tool, also integrated in the citizen portal La Meva Salut (LMS), allows the citizen who already has an established relationship with a specialist to communicate with him through an asynchronous chat. It has been developed with cutting-edge technologies (Angular, Openshift, FHIR …) and is just a first piece of a series of tools and utilities that will come to stay and will surely help make our lives more easy to all together!

By Agnès Aguiló
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