Published at 21/09/2022

IN2 participates with the Foro RRHH at a sessión on Human Resources digital transformation

IN2 participated last thursday the 28/01/2021 in a session organized by the Foro RRHH entity to publicize a structured and objective way to find out at what level of maturity a Human Resources organization is in the digital transformation process.

The speakers, Agnès Aguiló, Joan Ignasi Barrachina and David Sánchez have presented the different challenges of digital transformation and how the M3 methodology (Maturity Model Methodology) can provide a simple and structured mechanism to help organizations identify where they are and what actions and priorities they must take into account to move forward and successfully address the digital transformation process of their people management departments.

M3 has proven to be a useful and proven methodology, which provides a global vision of the areas of action that must be taken into account, allows a structured and objective analysis of the real situation to be reached and helps organizations establish their priorities and digital transformation strategies.

  • Expert look
  • 360 ° vision
  • Objective and structured analysis of the real situation
  • Allows guiding the objectives and strategies of the organization

During the session the representatives of several companies from all over the state and from various sectors and sizes, have been able to learn about our M3 methodology and the maturity level evaluation questionnaire, as well as understand all the power that M3 provides them through a practical example carried out last October.

Durante el taller: explicación niveles de madurez M3

We make our M3 methodology available to everyone, the questionnaire is freely accessible through our website and we offer our support to fill it in if necessary, by contacting us through the contact email.

The reflection exercise involved in filling in the questionnaire is already valuable and useful for those who do. In addition, the reports that are obtained for free from the answers to the questionnaire are quite interesting for a company since they allow you to start to find out what strengths and areas for improvement you have:

Resultado para la dimensión de Personas y Cultura – Ejemplo

The attendees have found M3 very interesting, a methodology and a tool for action and improvement in the digital transformation process that is very valuable, practical and available to everyone.

To learn more about the M3 methodology, visit our section where you can also answer the maturity level evaluation questionnaire for your Human Resources organization.

By Agnès Aguiló
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