Published at 21/09/2022

INSTANT VIDEO, among the solutions in the innovation barometer of La Unió

We are proud to share that we have been included in the innovation barometer of La Unió Catalana d’Hospitals with our IN2tant Video solution. The objective of this space is to publicize the potential of leading companies in innovation and committed to improving care for people.

We are living in difficult times that have forced organizations and people to innovate in the way they relate to each other, and that have made a multitude of videoconferencing tools such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, … that have become part of our day in fashion. day in a way that was hard to imagine a few months ago.

If we focus on organizations, the need to innovate in communication has been even greater. Not only at the level of internal relationships and the implications derived from teleworking, but also in how they relate to their clients.

Public administrations and, especially, health centers, are no exception. Moreover, probably given the circumstances and the implications of the pandemic, they are the organizations that have required and require a greater degree of communication with citizens and patients to help and accompany.

INSTANT VIDEO was born as a tool aimed at solving external corporate communication problems, and which applies directly to health organizations and public administrations, allowing easy, organized and extensive communication with citizens and patients.

It guarantees a multi-device, secure and personalized communication to each organization, users must not register on any third-party platform or install any software on their devices, it allows chatting in the videoconference itself, sharing the screen so that one and the other can see what they are doing, and exchanging information securely.

It has a pre-appointment module, virtual waiting rooms with queues, allows you to organize appointments by type of service, with teams of professionals assigned to a service, or with professionals assigned to a group of users.

The platform automates all the management, so the official or health professional only has to worry about making the next appointment.

The solution has an interoperability module that allows it to be easily integrated into organizations’ back office systems, including health HIS systems.

Although the pandemic has largely been the trigger that has valued solutions such as INSTANT VIDEO, we believe that these types of solutions have come to stay, the probable extension of teleworking, the need for conciliation avoiding unnecessary travel of patients and citizens, the comfort and ease of use, will make this type of solution an optimal communication channel.

By Félix Villar

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