Published at 14/03/2024

European Digital Identity: Security and Verifiable Credentials

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In the exciting digital era we are living in, a large part of our daily activities are carried out online, from watching a series in streaming to doing the weekly shopping. When engaging in these activities for the first time, the app or website typically prompts users to create a new digital identity or authenticate themselves through major platforms. In this process we are granting access to this data, we leave it in the hands of the respective organisation and we lose control over it. Therefore, in this context, there is a need for a European digital identity that not only allows to empower the user, but also to do it securely.


The user as the holder of their European digital identity

European digital identity is born with the intention that users become the owners of their own data. In this way, as holders of information, they can easily decide what specific attributes they want to share and with whom.

Thus, if a user had to prove their academic qualifications to access an educational resource, they could decide to give access only to this credential, without the need to share their entire digital identity.

We are talking about a secure European digital identity, not only because its dissemination is controlled, but also because it is managed from a Wallet on the personal mobile phone. Through this wallet, users can manage the different verifiable credentials and, as mentioned above, share them in a secure and controlled way.

But, what are these verifiable credentials?

Verifiable Credentials: boosting the security of the European digital identity

Verifiable credentials are digital data, in standardised formats, that enable individuals to prove specific aspects of their identity, being issued and verified by competent authorities.

A significant aspect of these credentials is that they have a verification, which ensures that these data are true. They are therefore supported by trusted lists, implemented with technologies such as cryptography and distributed information recording systems, such as the Blockchain or peer-to-peer systems, guaranteeing their veracity and security.

Verifiable credentials represent an important change in the way we relate to the digital world. Their ability to provide security, portability and transparency makes them an essential element in building strong and secure digital identities in a landscape where security is so important.

At IN2 we are specialised in this field and commit ourselves to continue innovating in the use of verifiable credentials, to guarantee security and reliability in the digital era. Always focusing on the development of a secure European digital identity. If you want to know how digital identity and verifiable credentials are applied in your sector, do not hesitate to contact us!

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