Published at 21/09/2022

Round Table: The strategic value of HR in the digital maturity process of your organization

On June 22nd we had the opportunity to exchange experiences on “The strategic value of HR in the digital maturity process of your organization” with a prestigious panel:

  • Ana Valdivieso, HR Cluster Head at GSK Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals
  • Jesús Muriel, Director of Human Resources and Marketing at CEPSA, the electricity, gas, oil and services company
  • Laura Elorza, HR Manager at the Garrigues law firm

With them, we analyzed their experiences in the COVID crisis and posed three key questions:

  • How do we work the engagement in the new reality? How do we motivate a diverse and remote team?
  • How do we improve corporate efficiency with online teams? What are the new efficiency challenges in the hybrid work: remote and face-to-face combined?
  • Will teleworking break down the employment boundaries of talent? Companies before, if they could choose, wanted people in the same physical location as their offices. Now if they are remote, does it matter where they are remote from?

The round table was very well received and the participants participated well, commenting and asking questions that were transferred to the speakers by the coordinator of the event, IN2 consultant Rodrigo Fernandez Frank.

The conclusions on the notes taken at the event were based on the following axes:

  • Communication, to demostrate trust and closeness to employees, giving meaning to their work, a purpose and a lot of listening, where leaders and middle managers play an essential role, with the active direction of the companies’ CEOs.
  • Business continuity, understanding who the essential workers are, protecting everyone’s health, trying to maintain customer service.
  • Technology as an established tool, analyzing the experience of remote work and enhancing the positive aspects, mitigating any negative consequences, and establishing a hybrid remote presence model for the near future. The telework model must evolve towards new models of maturity.
  • Containment of undesired rotation, through specific actions carried out by the company, such as climate surveys, volunteer actions, online social activities, including families, with models of flexibility and reconciliation of the new family realities.
  • Barriers at work borders are lowered: remote work means that it no longer matters whether the team is in the same location or not, depending on the type of work to be done. Working with other cultures, languages or regions enriches work and relationships, increases the international work culture and allows organizations flexibility.

In short, HR is a key player in the process of adoption and digital transformation of organizations, and key in the analysis of the moment of digital maturity, which has an impact on the technological decisions to be taken in each organization.

IN2 accompanies and supports organizations to understand the moment of digital maturity in which they are and collaborates in the selection of the best digital strategies, considering tools, processes and data.

By Jordi Carreras i Coma

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