Published at 21/09/2022

Digital transformation in our projects: The example of the Inter-American Development Bank

IN2 has been collaborating with the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) in a very interesting project on shared medical history since 2018.

In this project, Health Information Technology Marketplace for LAC, we have applied our M3 (Maturity Model Methodology) methodology to help Latin American and Caribbean countries identify where their national shared medical history is at maturity and what they should do to improve it .

We have created instruments to analyze and measure the degree of maturity of the shared medical history of any country, not only from a Technology point of view, but also taking into account aspects such as the mentality of healthcare professionals or the regulations or standards that support and promote an evolution towards shared medical history.

One of the activities that has had the most acceptance in the countries are the face-to-face workshops that were held, for example, in El Salvador or Jamaica, in which representatives of the country’s health authorities could carry out the exercise of analyzing and evaluating their shared medical history with our instrument. However, in these difficult times for face-to-face relationships, we have had to re-invent and adapt to continue bringing the project closer to the people who must make decisions in each country: now our workshops have been transformed into virtual sessions.

They are sessions of shorter duration, but perhaps for this reason more efficient, and where, in addition, due to the ease of connecting to a videoconference system, the number of attendees has more than tripled. On the other hand, the lower economic cost represented by these virtual workshops has allowed the IDB to extend the initiative to more countries than initially planned. In sum, although the situation caused by COVID-19 has many negative repercussions, it cannot be denied that something positive has come from it…

By Agnès Aguiló
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