Published at 20/09/2022

Webinar: Digital Workplace and its impact on employee engagement

Last Wednesday, April 15th, Jordi Carreras from IN2 and our partners from Beezy explained in a webinar the importance of a “Digital Workplace and its impact on employee engagement”.

At IN2, we have been providing solutions to the different needs of the human resources and communication departments of companies for a long time. 

During this time we have seen how companies have been working on improvement processes, the so-called Digital Transformation, but usually in productive or sales aspects, and this transformation is coming a little later to the HR Departments. and it is curious, because we will all agree that digital transformation is not only about technology, but mostly about people.

We all know that happy employees are more engaged, more engaged, more innovative, less resistant to change, more resilient. All this well-being will ultimately result in greater productivity. To achieve this happiness, we want to provide you with a platform that is a single point of entry. An online space where the employee will have access to everything they need to carry out their work, wherever and whenever they want, completely naturally, providing them with a unique, personalized, easy, comfortable and intuitive user experience.

Caring for the employee experience is as important as caring for the customer experience in a purchasing process or caring for the physical space of an office. However, this concept of user experience is often forgotten in virtual space.

Nowadays, for a company with flexible hours and remote work options, a Digital Workplace is a necessity. For this to be useful, it must perform the following functions:

  • Increase the feeling of belonging
  • Boost coordination and productivity
  • Automate and increase HR capabilities 

On the other hand, we have been implementing different solutions and we have seen that in any case the "solutions" that we adapt have to meet these requirements:  

  • Mobile and responsive. 
  • International.   
  • Cloud.   
  • Excelente experiencia de usuario
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Allow the integration of other solutions.

In the webinar, we show Beezy: A Digital Workplace Platform that many customers are already using and can be implemented effectively.


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