Public Administrations

We work on solutions that allow the citizens and companies e-procedures with public administrations, which generates substantial savings for both citizens and administrations and improvement in the quality of the service.

We share this process of digital transformation with administrations with the aim of becoming a facilitator of compliance with the rights and obligations of citizens and companies, acting in an agile, efficient, proactive and safe way.

Our electronic processing solutions comply with the following parameters:


Allow citizens and companies to interact with the administration using different types of devices.


Secure identification mechanisms for the citizen and the company.


Through electronic signature and digital evidence.


Standardization, simplification and reuse of procedures.


Aacilitates the official's performance incorporating a work platform, shared knowledge and document management.

Proactivity and feedback

Inform the citizen and the company about the status of their procedures, rights and duties, at any time and through multiple channels.


Ease of sharing information with other administrations.

Safe long-term storage

Of all the electronic documentation generated according to the archiving policies defined by the administration.



Integrated and secure instant messaging system that allows communication between people, corporate systems and IoT devices.

Blockchain Identities

It allows the creation and modification of identities, as well as sharing its attributes in a blockchain ecosystem.


Customer stories

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