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At IN2 we have worked for more than two decades in various sectors. We have developed numerous projects with the aim of guaranteeing the efficiency of processes, interoperability, mobility and integration with the Internet of Things (IOT). That is why IN2 is positioned as an expert in the following sectors.

Health and social services

People are the axis of our activity, both from the point of view of the citizen and from the health and social care professional. For this reason, our interest is focused on integrating and exploiting clinical and social information to improve our quality of life and make society more just.

Public Administrations

We work on solutions that allow the e-procedures of citizens and companies with public administrations, which generates substantial savings for both citizens and administrations and an improvement in the perceived quality of the service.

We share this process of digital transformation with administrations with the aim of becoming a facilitator of compliance with the rights and obligations of citizens and companies, acting in an agile, efficient, proactive and safe way.

Tourism and Transport

Thanks to our knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in the sector, we provide consulting services and digital transformation solutions supported by the latest technologies: cognitive systems, blockchain, Big Data, interoperability, among others.

We develop and implement solutions that help our clients optimize their activity, achieve their business objectives, improve the customer experience and the efficiency of their processes.


Our Industry 4.0 solutions are prepared to accompany companies in their digital transformation processes.

In this new (r) evolution, companies have at their disposal new tools to optimize their processes, manage quality control, ensure traceability and promote predictive and preventive maintenance.

From IN2 we respond to these needs through document management solutions, integration platforms, information display panels and data management, as well as in2tant, our IoT communication and integration solution.

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