Control of Asthma Patients with AsmaProCare

AsmaProCare is a solution for the control of patients with asthma, which provides bi-directional and direct communication between the patient and the specialist.

interaction and reciprocity and aims to improve the quality of care for this type of patients. This improvement in care would have an immediate impact on the control of pulmonary disease and the quality of life of patients.

In the same way, it optimizes medical visits, reducing the percentage of visits in stable phase and increasing the visits of patients at risk of worsening.

In addition, improving the control of exacerbations with a wide range of severity, allows to reduce hospitalizations caused by asthma and associated complications and, therefore, the costs of these.

With this new circuit, patients are better controlled; the mechanism has greater biological effectiveness and health services provide better quality care.

Patient’s app

AsmaProCare has a mobile application in which the patient with asthma enters the daily records of his Peakflow.

The application includes:

  • Historical record states.
  • Historical monthly measurements.
  • Alerts.
  • Library to promote awareness of the disease to patients.

In addition, in case of exacerbation, the patient can receive alerts sent directly by his doctor and even, the proposals of change of medication if necessary.

Patients, on a monthly basis, receive a link in their email to answer the ACT survey.

Contact us for more information.

Backoffice for doctors

The doctors access all the information collected through the same platform in which they view the alerts and control the status of their patients.

AsmaProCare also allows doctors to parameterize the protocols to be applied to their patients, facilitating their professional performance and improving the quality of care.

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