Customized developments and integration

More than 20 years carrying out customized developments together with the experience and technical knowledge of our teams allows us to face the development of these projects in an innovative and differential way thanks to the use of Open Source tools and agile methodologies, which allow us to adapt to very dynamic and changing project situations.

Our developments are oriented to cover the most specific needs of the clients.

Rafael Paulet
IN2 President


The basics on which our approach is based are:
  • The result of our work is also Open Source.
  • Custom development and integration of solutions based on Open Source and aimed at solving specific needs of customers.
  • Maintain, enhance and enrich the links with the Open Source community.
The success of the work of construction and integration of Open Source solutions has in IN2 three fundamental pillars:
  • Good practices in custom development (quality and safety):
    • Quality Development Competence Center / QDE (Quality Development Environment).
    • Design and Development patterns, schedule with preventive security, patterns of “testing”.
    • QDT (Quality development toolkit) and use of standardized support tools.
  • Open Source Maturity Model. The different components are selected in a coupled manner, taking into account aspects such as:
    • Common architecture and sustainable architecture.
    • Integration between components.
    • Scalability / flexibility, allowing to add and change the components.
  • Good practices in integration:
    • Intensive use of integration patterns.
    • Extensible to non-Open Source products.
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Custom development

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