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The Electronic Health History (EHR) is a main piece within the framework of the new Digital Health Strategy, it encompasses all the functional and technical information of the citizen, together with a data management model and an information systems architecture that allow all this information to be shared with the entire health system and modernize the relationships of the different actors in the health system (citizens and professionals).

Open EHR is a set of open-source platform specifications for the implementation of clinical models that allows the development of HCE systems with the aim of creating a neutral and open health information model, which will allow the incorporation of any type of information to the HCE.

OpenEHR pivots on 3 basic pillars:

  • A language for the specification of the clinical information model based on archetypes.

  • A definition of the information structure that allows representing these archetypes called the Reference Model.

  • The use of terminologies that allow giving a standardized semantic meaning to clinical information models.

open ehr


Support from the International Community

curs open ehr

OpenEHR Course

IN2 as a member of the international community will give an interactive course from January 2022 with the aim of obtaining an overview of what openEHR is, its different fields of application and how it impacts on the way health professionals work.

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In a second level, you will obtain an advanced knowledge about the creation of archetypes and templates.

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