In2tant is an integrated and secure instant messaging system that allows communication between people, corporate systems and iOT devices.


The advantages of this tool are:

  • Offer a confidential environment for communications, avoiding that sensitive information for organizations, or under data protection laws, be distributed by personal and not safe media.
  • Share, communicate and comment within a secure network information generated by processes developed in companies or initiated by personal / industrial devices (IOT).
  • Access information at any time and place to data whose integrity is assured.
  • Audit the correct use of the information or use of the systems.
  • Respond to the needs imposed by the GDPR regulation, providing security and traceability in the exchange of information between professionals of a corporation (internal and external) through instant messaging.
  • Provide a secure communication solution that helps and generates value for the certification that some health organizations carry out with the Joint Commission.


In2tant is based on:

  • Secure and monitor communications.
  • Control authentication.
  • Integrate (Interoperability) with systems or devices.

In2tant, health and social care


By coordinating communication among health professionals, better diagnoses can be offered to patients and reduce the waiting time in consultations. Coordination between hospitals, diagnostic confirmations or remote consultations allow patients to receive better care and increase their satisfaction with the services provided.


The advantages In2tant offers to hospitals and health organizations are:

  • Improves communication between professionals from different hospitals.
  • It allows a better coordination of the equipment inside the hospital.
  • Provides a controlled channel where access to a set of useful contacts for the performance of daily work.
  • It offers a simple, intuitive and efficient way to share knowledge within the organization.

Data Protection

The system is controlled by the organization so it is easy to guarantee communication security, avoiding the participation of people or companies from outside.

This control allows to implement without risk the relevant regulations on confidentiality and privacy.

In2tant and the industry

In2tant is part of the set of solutions for industry 4.0 of IN2.

The Integration Platform facilitates the interoperation of different devices and applications in order to convert the data collected by the own systems, of clients and suppliers, and transform them into information and make it available again to applications, users and devices.

In2tant is the piece that simplifies the integration between People, Processes and Devices through an easy-to-use interface without sacrificing security and confidentiality.

Through the Control and Visualization Panels, the value of the information generated is obtained by always and everywhere providing the necessary information for decision making.

Simplify communication between Machines, Processes and People

The integration platform facilitates the detection of out-of-range signals, stops, etc. from directly connected devices or through, for example, MICO24 NANO (from our partner Effitronix).

This data can be processed to identify trends to anticipate maintenance actions. The integration with corporate applications allows to complete the event data with historical information, environment, process, etc.

Improve communication and knowledge management.

Through In2tant the warning is sent to the users involved with context information such as the operation manual, the OTs involved, the orders and affected clients, etc. and is able to establish a dialogue between people and devices through forms messages that produce response actions on the systems.

In2tant provides a simple, intuitive, efficient and controlled channel where you can access a set of useful contacts for the performance of your daily work.


Security and control

  • High availability and high scalability.
  • Security in communication and dissemination.
  • Monitoring and statistics.
  • Secure document sharing.
  • Repository of documents centralized in the server.
  • Online viewing (no download of documents).


  • Interoperability and integration.
  • Development API.
  • Integrations.
  • Linked with Jira.


  • Contacts of the corporate directory or third party sources.
  • Creation and sharing of events.
  • Integration via email.
  • Automatic notices


  • Presence control (Know if a contact is available or not).
  • Capture images, video and voice from the application itself.

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