Interoperability is the capacity of information systems and the procedures they support, to share data and enable the exchange of information and knowledge between them.

Therefore, an interoperability solution can be as simple or complex as the information exchange needs require.

According to experts, interoperability is the ability of two systems or more to exchange information and use the data exchanged.

Rafael Paulet
IN2 President


IN2 experience with interoperable projects (systems integration, Open Data, service publishing, etc.) allows us to select the best solution to the needs of the client.

IN2 has experienced teams in:

  • Definition of service-oriented architecture (SOA), defining what are the most suitable components: ESB, DSS, etc.
  • Definition of methodologies and guidelines for the service life cycle of services.
  • SOA Government.
  • Development of services and use of various SOA products that allow us to work on interoperability projects with the possibility of success.

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