IT Governance Tools

IT Governance and the management of the code life cycle in IT projects is becoming increasingly difficult due to the needs to resolve by organizations.

Code lifecycle management involves the adaptation of the best tools for the technologies used by developers.

Rafael Paulet
IN2 President


We define Quality Portal as the set of methodologies and tools to support the management of the code life cycle in IT projects.

IN2 proposes to develop the collaborative environment and knowledge management with tools such as a Liferay CE portal and Confluence wiki.

As a project management tool, IN2 has value experiences using JIRA.

Our vision of the Code’s Life Cycle Management is based on choosing the best tools for each technology on which the developments are based. Among them:

  • Task Manager
  • Development tool
  • Code review
  • Continuous integration
  • Management and construction of Java projects
  • Quality of the code
  • Central code repositories and book stores

The tools must be selected based on the technology used in the project and the work philosophy to implement.

Additional needs


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