M3 – Maturity Model Methodology

How to approach the digital transformation with knowledge and a plan of action that takes into account all the necessary areas?

The process of digital transformation for an organization or department is a long and often difficult journey.

Do we know very well what it is, what it represents for our organization in all its areas?

How far are we from having a good level of digital transformation?

What should we do to improve what we have?

How can we know where we are on this journey?

To answer these questions we have worked together with experts to develop a methodology aimed at identifying the degree of maturity of an organization in a given field, our M3 (Maturity Model Methodology). The M3 allows us to identify where we are, how far we still have to go and how we should reach the end

The M3 methodology has the following characteristics:
  • Expert view
  • 360º vision
  • Objective and structures analysis of the real situation
  • Structure by levels
  • Lets you orientate your objectives and strategies

M3 – A 4-level maturity model

A maturity model is a tool that guides organizations on the stages they must go through to optimize one of their areas or processes.

Through our M3 methodology we have created one, based on 4 levels of maturity, to measure the process of digital transformation of an organization:


Content digitalization

The use of technology is accepted but limited. The information is digitized: PDF documents, e-mails, spreadsheets, … But the management is still manual and its use is local.


Process digitalization

Information technologies are used in the usual way within the organization. Information silos exist but the information and associated processes are digitized. The traceability of the actions performed on the information is guaranteed.


Automation of processes

The organization has adopted a technological culture that favors the transversal use of information through technological tools. There is interoperability between the systems and processes that manage information.


Digital Operations

The organization is automated, the client is the center of the information system and new ways to exploit the information generated are found. New ways of expansion are achieved by integrating business, operations and technological development.

Furthermore, it covers all the areas that need to be taken into account, not only the technological one:

Do you want to know more? Do you want to know what level you are?

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