Marketplace Health Apps

Marketplace for certification, distribution and controlled distribution of Health Apps. This marketplace is a website that allows both bidders and users or patients to interact with each other to carry out a transaction based on health applications.

Our Proposal

Promote the informed patient, accrediting the information that he receives and the apps he uses.

Allow the doctor to recommend apps, wereables and / or the installation of sensors and technological devices for tracking the patient outside the health center.

Provide a technological platform that allows to collect and standardize the collected patient’s data.

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  • Improves quality of care.
  • Improvement of communication between healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Empowers the citizen on their health, encourages healthy habits and improves public health.
  • Improve follow-up of chronicity, avoiding hospitalizations.
  • Standardize and structure the information so that it can be analyzed.
  • Improve system efficiency.
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