We implement tools based on Open Source portals management that meet the specific needs of our customers of scalability, robustness, functionality and security

Thanks to our Open Source development experience, we have been able to offer the best 100% customized solution for our customers.

Rafael Paulet
IN2 President


When IN2 designs a project that includes a portals manager, it is based on the following methodology:

  • Definition of IN2 and customer teams and their work relationship model.
  • Definition of portal objectives.
  • Conceptualization of the portal solution from the technical, business and communication aspects. To do this, keep in mind:
    • The accessibility and navigability of the portal.
    • Identity management to be applied so that each user can see and do only what corresponds to the administration of the portal and its contents.
    • The integration of the components and applications within the portal.
    • Implementation of the appropriate product with the required performance and agility.
  • Web design: layout, style, map, materials and design elements, copys.
  • Technical design of the implementation and its integration.
  • Installation, configuration and implementation of the designs.
  • Testing.
  • Change management, to achieve those functional improvements that were not initially defined.
  • Launching, set of processes and tools to ensure the quality of the start-up.
  • Postproduction audit and support.
  • Technical and functional support for the evolutionary cycles of the portal.

In summary, a set of processes and tools designed to help clients define, design and implement a successful portal solution.

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