Blockchain Identities

The IN2 blockchain identity sharing solution allows the creation and modification of identities, as well as the sharing of attributes in a blockchain ecosystem.

IN2 has integrated this solution into the Alastria network.


  • It allows to reduce the entrance barrier to Blockchain (quick win) to the organizations. Offering a stable network in costs and with an acceptable performance.
  • Encourages innovation and entrepreneurship (startups) that can offer services. The appearance of new services for citizens and organizations.
  • Promotes collaboration between organizations and the emergence of new business models.
  • Provides a Blockchain network under a shared (state) regulatory framework.
Identidades Blockchain

Alastria Blockchain Network

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Alastria is the first regulated national network based on blockchain in the world, born to accelerate the creation of digital ecosystems by making available a common collaborative platform.

Thus, it will constitute a shared platform on which the different participants can create digital representations of the assets with which they work in their usual economic activity, also called “tokens”.

With these “tokens” it is possible to develop new products and services of innovative cutting, besides being able to develop the current processes in a faster, safer and more efficient way.

In this way, the network allows to accelerate the digital transformation of current processes, and enables a new paradigm of collaborative and multisectoral innovation in a very efficient way.

IN2 as a member of Alastria is a leader in the development of identity solutions based on blockchain.