Document Management

At IN2 we present document management as a comprehensive solution based on the detection and definition of the documentary and collaborative processes required by the client, including regulatory and / or legislative compliance.

The key to document management lies in finding the best Open Source software and adapting it to the organization needs.

Rafael Paulet / IN2 President


The services ofered by IN2 imply the selection, implantation and configuration of open source document management solutions that best adapts the needs of the client.

To understand

  • Information management: Strategies, policies and information architecture.
  • Documentation management: Casuistry and generation of documentation, identification of affected processes and documentary flow.
  • Impact: change management and informational literacy of users.
  • Resources: availability of resources and infrastructure.


  • Strategic plan: Prioritization, resources and regulatory framework.
  • Project: functional, technological and regulatory elements.
  • Training
  • Change management.


  • Installation & Configuration.
  • Tuning & Testing.
  • Unfold and manage the impact.


  • Post-implantation analysis.
  • Change management and new needs.

For all this, IN2 have an expert ecosystem in document management solutions:

  • Documentalists with experience in technology.
  • Legal advisers specialized in ICT.
  • Expert team in document management services.
  • Open SourceAlfresco document management program

Experts in Document Management

gestión documental

Document Management Model

modelo de gestión documental