Services and Solutions

IN2 provides services and solutions based on digital tools, developing and implementing methodologies based on Open Source technologies that help our clients optimize their activity, achieve their business objectives and improve the efficiency of their processes.

In this way we face the processes of implementing IT solutions with an approach based on flexibility and simplicity.


Control of Asthma Patients with AsmaProCare

IN2 has developed Asmaprocare, a dynamic solution for the control of patients with asthma. A communication channel that allows better interaction between the patient and the doctor.


Councilbox is a unique platform in the cloud that allows remote holding of meetings of Local Corporations (plenary sessions, commissions, opening of documents, etc ...) by videoconference with electronic voting and automatic writing of the minutes and video acts.

Clinical Forms Management

We have implemented clinical forms management systems for different entities that help and streamline the processes generated inside or outside of The HIS.

Document management for regulatory compliance

We are experts in document management for regulatory compliance and the management of quality documentation thanks to the experience with our clients.

Blockchain Identities

It allows the creation and modification of identities, as well as sharing its attributes in a blockchain ecosystem.

IN2 Code – CIE Snomed Clinical Coding

IN2Code, is a clinical coding tool based on the natural language towards CIE and Snomed CT that streamlines clinical documentation processes.


Integrated and secure instant messaging system that allows communication between people, corporate systems and IoT devices.

in2tant video

In2tant Video is aimed at helping organizations in their digital transformation process and is an integrated ecosystem of applications that responds to different needs identified in multiple sectors.

M3 – Maturity Model Methodology

Mapping the road to digital transformation, to identify the clients needs in addressing the challenge of digital transformation and obtains priorities and actions to undertake to evolve

Health Apps Marketplace

Marketplace for the certification, dissemination and controlled distribution of health APPs.

Digital Health Platform

The Digital Health Platform is the tool for integration of information generated by Health apps for visualization and aggregate exploitation using BigData technology.

Publishing Workflow

Organizes and facilitates publishing processes, improving the processes of publishing review and approval, incorporating content versioning and controlling the transfer of information.

Development Hours



We implement tools based on Open Source portals management that meet the specific needs of our scalability, robustness, functionality and security clients.


We manage the capacity of information systems to share data and exchange information and knowledge between them.

IT Governance Tools

We define Quality Portal as the set of methodologies and tools to support the management of the code life cycle in IT projects.

Document Management

We offer an integral solution that is based on the detection and definition of the document and collaborative processes required by the client, including regulatory and/or legislative compliance.

Technical Offices

Service responsible to ensure the use of standards and quality defined by the customer in multi-supplier environments.

Customized developments and integration

We position ourselves as expert in the use of agile methodologies and Open Source technology, which allows teams to adapt to client needs.

Consulting And Technology

Experts in the development and implementation of Open Source solutions in order to support the digitization process of our clients.

Database Administration

The IN2 database experts offer their extensive experience to propose a whole series of services, allowing to improve the management capacity, performance and optimize the execution of these applications.

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