The project

The ALSTOM (now GE) wind farm production and control team needed support to improve the way they were obtaining information from their SCADA tools.

Among other projects we have collaborated in:

  • Report Generator (GI).
  • Presentation of Historical Data (PDH).
  • Real Time Register (RTR).
  • Control of the Power Curve (PC).

All the services and supports were jointly managed by the client’s equipment and IN2, maintaining the standards of development, documentation and quality control of the client.

The environment of development and adaptations in Microsoft .Net, was adapted to the existent tools in the client but always generating added value and helping to the evolution of the same ones.

Currently, the collaboration continues with a mixed team, using tools for monitoring and quality control from IN2 (QPortal).

Project Information

Client: ALSTOM

Location: Spain

Company: GE/ALSTOM

Sector: Energy

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