The client

The Blood and Tissue Bank (Banc de Sang i Teixits – BST) is the public company of the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya whose mission is to guarantee the supply and good use of blood and tissues in Catalonia, being the center of reference in diagnostic immunology and the development of advanced therapies.


The project

The BST sought to develop and implant a Blood Donor Portal that would improve communication with donors, offering the following features:

  • Consult and modify the contact information.
  • Historical donations.
  • Consult the data of the latest analytical.
  • Programming of the next donation and consultation of facilities by center.
  • Access to the personal health folder.

Technologically, it has been solved with the implementation and parametrization of the Open Source Liferay portals platform as a portlet frame that provides the desired functionalities.

The interconnection of the web layer offered by the portal with the back office of the BST has been done through WebServices by separating the two layers technologically.

The portal has Authentication mechanisms based on digital certificates guaranteeing interoperability with the rest of the health systems.

Given the sensitivity of the data, it is of utmost importance that the data be transmitted through secure channels and the access of users through digital certificates. For this, it has been validated with the PSIS platform of CATCert and the user repository has been synchronized between Liferay and the back-office. Finally, regarding the security of the data, all communication between client, server and back-office has been done with the use of secure SSL channels.

Project information

Client: Banc de Sang i Teixits

Location: Barcelona

Company: Departament de Salut

Sector: Public

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