Project description

The Barcelona Water General Society (AGBAR) of offers its experience in the management of the integral water cycle and proposes solutions and technologies at the service of the water sector and the environment. Its mission is to lead the development of solutions and technologies in the water sector; transfer the accumulated experience to society, generating value for our stakeholders and contribute to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

IN2 collaborates with AGBAR in several projects, but basically in helping them in their needs for document management and collaborative work.

We implemented a portal of Aquagest collaborative tools, supported by the document manager. The portal included the development of Liferay portlets and Alfresco web scripts.

We also collaborated on an Aquacis documentary consulting project, where we implemented a documentary platform and a crown of documentary services. It was based on the Alfresco corporate solution, in high availability, the development of documentary models and loading processes for the Sicam and Aquacis projects.

Additionally, we developed the document management process for the management of AGBAR invoices and the development of a crown of web services for communication with the document manager using the CMIS standard.

Finally, we implemented the documentary management of projects and technological products of Aqualogic (AGBAR).

In summary, AGBAR and IN2 have a deep history of collaboration in corporate solutions for document management and collaborative work.

Project information

Customer: Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona.

Location: Barcelona.

company: AGBAR

Sector: Industry (Water treatment)

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