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Project description

The Institut Català de la Salut (ICS), an organization dependent on the Health Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia, has as its mission to give excellent attention to the population, also teaching and research in the field of health in Catalonia.

The ICS asked IN2 to implement a document management for the management of quality documentation of health care centers in Barcelona city, as a first step for the construction of a platform that will integrate a user portal, a process management tool and Document management extended to primary care centers in the city of Barcelona.

The structure of the information necessary to house the documents with which the ICS will work was built on a documentary repository structured hierarchically in collaborative work spaces that in turn will be organized in folders that will house the different types of documents. IN2 also simplified the organization process by importing metadata from MS Office documents and importing them into Alfresco CE.

Project information

Customer: Institut Català de la Salut

Location: Barcelona

Company: Institut Català de la Salut

Sector: Health (Publico)

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