Project description

CIRCUTOR, with more than 40 years of experience, has 6 production centers in Spain and the Czech Republic, which work in the design and manufacture of equipment to improve energy efficiency: equipment for measuring and controlling electric power and energy. Supply quality, industrial electrical protection, reactive compensation and harmonic filtering, Intelligent recharging of electric vehicles and renewable energies. Providing solutions with more than 3,000 products in more than 100 countries around the world.

IN2 and this company have collaborated in recent years on projects related to the development and maintenance of document management processes for  business support.

Initially, we coolaborate with a process that helps invoice management. For this, a process of digitization, validation and registration of invoices was implemented. Kofax was implemented [for the management of digitalisation, Activiti for the development of work processes and validation and Alfresco as a documentary repository and collaborative space for clients and suppliers.

Once the technological base was implemented with Alfresco, it was decided to expand its functionalities and implement the document management of the Quality Department and the Circutor Laboratory. The objective of the project is to provide Circutor with a document management space that allows consolidation of the documentation in a single structure of common folders and organized hierarchically; a search tool based on metadata and labels that facilitates the location and query of documents and utilities for the creation of documents that facilitate the insertion of metadata.

This document management also guarantees the security of access to documents by discriminating between those of public access for the entire company and those with restricted access for a specific department or organization.

Project information

Customer: CIRCUTOR



Sector: Energy (Industry)

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