The client

Groupalia is a company born in Barcelona in 2010, specializing in the sale of leisure offers with discounts on Travel, Restaurants, TV, Pizza, Mobile, etc. It has more than 6 million users in Spain and Italy and is more than 300 employees.


The project

Being their business base essentially technological and due to the characteristics of their business, they needed to implement a software development methodology and tools that support it.

IN2 collaborated with the Groupalia development teams to implement agile work methodologies, specifically SCRUM, supported by the implementation of the Atlassian JIRA tool.

This collaboration was based on the realization of an initial study for the implementation of agile methodologies, specifically SCRUM and KANBAN.

Once the approval of the study carried out by the responsible parties was obtained, a training of the various development teams was planned together with the implementation of the Atlassian JIRA tool that would support the monitoring and control of the projects based on the methodology implemented. .

Parallel to this implementation, change management and support activities were carried out for the work teams that validated good practices and the use of both the methodologies and the tools implemented.

Project information

Client: Groupalia

Location: Barcelona

Company: Groupalia

Sector: Leisure

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