The client

The Planeta Group is the first Spanish publishing and communication group of family capital that leads a wide range at the service of culture, training, information and audiovisual entertainment. Since its foundation in 1949 the Group has become a multinational company that combines a solid business tradition with a great capacity for innovation and a European and international vocation, with a particularly prominent presence in Spain, France, Portugal and Latin America.

AulaPlaneta is the education area of ​​Grupo Planeta that promotes innovative digital educational projects and solutions for the evolution and improvement of student learning.



The project

AulaPlaneta needed to implement a document management and frontal visualization platform, which would support its business model and show the contents of the documents bank of Planeta in an attractive and powerful web environment for educators, capable of supporting all types of content whether they are type text, image, video or audio.

The project consists of several specialized layers that control both the introduction of content, its publication flows and its subsequent visualization in the different areas of the Aula Planeta portal.

The project fulfills the following functions:

  • CMS – Content Management System: Manage structured content based on templates that allow the editing and creation of content, publication according to a flow and management of relationships between these contents.
  • DMS – Data Management System: Manage multimedia content linked to image, video or audio files that will have associated their own metadata templates, share the publication flow and may be related to the rest of the contents of the system.
  • Rich web frontal: Rich and adaptive user interface, capable of working both on desktops and mobile devices. Functionality to add content, manage personalizations by profile (or geographical location) and unify the presentation of different types of content.
  • Search engine: That integrates the results obtained in the Content Bank and in the Planetary Classroom, built on the Apache Solr indexing engine.
  • Identity manager
  • Framework: The application has a frame for the development of new functionality and new rich content capable of consuming the contents of the CMS. This frame allows the platform to grow in an orderly and homogeneous way.

The technological environment is Alfresco, Activiti, Solr, PHP / Symphony2 and AngularJS.

Project Information

Client: Planeta

Location: España

Company: Grupo Planeta

Sector: Publishing

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