The client

The Health Department is the main administrative area of the Generalitat of Catalonia for sanitary decisions. In matters of public health, it has exclusive competence over the organization, internal functioning, evaluation, inspection and control of health centers, services and establishments and, even so, participates in the planning and state coordination in this matter.

From the department depend:

  • Agència de Salut Pública de Catalunya (ASPCAT)
  • Agència Catalana de Seguratat Alimentària (ACSA)
  • Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQuAS)
  • Servei Català de la Salut (CatSalut)
  • Fundació Ticsalut

The Health Department was faced with a double problem in relation to its computer systems. On one hand, it manages a multitude of suppliers that developed code for them, with little or no control over the developed code and especially they were faced with the incorporation of Oracle’s Enterprise Service Bus into their architecture.

Code management and quality control

Given the complexity and critical nature of the Department’s technological services, IN2 is asked to provide a Technical Office to support Architecture and assure the quality of the code. The objectives of the Technical Office are:

  • Manage current code repositories, ensuring compliance with a set quality level.
  • Improve the infrastructure for such code management through the progressive implementation of our Quality Portal.
  • Manage the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus.

For the management of the code and control of the quality of said code, several lines have been worked on:

  • Use the code repository for all Salut developments, that is, in addition to storing the developments in java, the Oracle Developer developments and the Oracle Database stored procedures have also been stored: packages, triggers, DDL, etc.
  • Rationalize the use of the code repository and provide Salut with control tools, code and code quality, increasingly automated. In this case, it was decided to implement our Quality Portal in progressive phases.


Regarding the management of Oracle Enterprise Service Bus, we cover the complete cycle of its use:

  • Definition of how to use the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus: methodology, guidelines and controls.
  • Publication of all services on the bus, whether simple or with the composition of other services.
  • Management of the service catalog.
  • Monitoring of the services that exist in the various Salut environments, productive and non-productive:
    • General information and featured services.
    • Graphs of response times.
    • Statistics by operation.
    • Summary of the most outstanding operations.

Project information

Client: Generalitat de Catalunya

Location: Barcelona

Company: Departamento de Salud

Sector: Public

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