The client

PAU Education is a company specialized in education and communication. Its 20 years of experience allows its clients to share knowledge, create awareness and change behaviors. They believe in participatory methods to create a lasting connection between their clients and their audiences. They have a team of 40 people with extensive multicultural training, gathering complementary skills in the fields of education and communication.


The project

Pau education is a client with whom we have collaborated, under his direction and design, in the construction and maintenance of numerous portal projects based on Drupal (ERS Charter, Open Education Challenge or Open Education Europe).

Among these projects we highlight “We Love Eating“: a portal promoted by the Department of Health and Consumption of the European Commission to raise awareness about healthy eating. The portal provides very valuable information on recipes and also on habits to carry a healthy diet. The portal allows access to the cities that collaborate in the project and to specific information in the file of each city. Information such as activities, recipes and related events. A system of surveys was created to control eating habits and with automatic reminders via e-mail to improve habits. Additionally, a statistical system was created to relate the eating habits of each of the cities collaborating with the project.

Technically, in this project, Drupal has been used not only with its CMS features, but also as a development framework. A web portal was developed with the code-driven-development paradigm: Profiles, Features, Drush and Migrate. A site generator was provided, to create new cities in a dynamic way, by the editors. The recipes were migrated and synchronized from different sources, using the Migrate module.

The portal is responsive web design, using the Bootstrap theme as a base; It is multi-language with 7 different languages ​​using Entity Translation. various editing roles were defined, with editorial workflow, author, editor, contributor, facilitator and administrator and different rules to show information depending on the section.

Project information

Client: PAU Education

Location: Barcelona

Company: PAU Education

Sector: Public

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