Who we are

We are a technology consultant company, created in 1994, expert in the development and implementation of solutions based on Open Source technologies. We help our clients in their digital transformation processes.

For more than two decades we have developed numerous projects in various sectors such as the public sector and the private sector. However, we give special relevance in Tourism, Health and Social, and Industry 4.0


Meet us

Your IT Business Partner

That is why we offer our clients our experience in the development and implementation of solutions, all of them are oriented to guarantee collaborative work, safety, interoperability, efficiency and mobility.

For this reason, concepts such as IoT, BIG DATA, Blockchain and Chatbot are part of our DNA. They also allow us to evolve and innovate with our customers.



From the height of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, we find a massive introduction of technology, wearable systems, interconnection, interoperability and Big Data.

However, this new reality poses challenges such as the efficient use of the volume of information that is generated; guarantee the reliability of the information and its sources, or the control and certification of applications and technological devices.

Rafael Paulet / IN2 President

I + D

In this way, in IN2 we create products or services in response to the new needs of the market, we also act as a vehicle for the transmission of knowledge, through agreements and alliances with research centers and institutions, which allow us to transfer their projects to society.

Collaborative economy

Thats why IN2 encourages the collaborative economy by supporting innovation projects that arise within or outside our organization.


Our Stories

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