Automation of access control to the facilities

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The client's problem

Ticket management at the site was a completely manual procedure, which implied, in addition to a total dependence on paper (which could be lost or destroyed), the impossibility of integrating the information in the calendar and of having a complete and accessible traceability of the actions related to the visit.

The client's objectives

The customer's main objective was to digitize the safety guide that must be handed out to all visitors. In this way they could dispense with the paper copy and create a telematic record of people entering and leaving the facilities.

Main challenge

Find a secure way to share security information using commonly used digital tools to reach as many users as possible. In addition, the entry and exit procedure had to be very smooth so that it did not interfere with the priority activities of the access control personnel.


IN2 proposed a solution integrated by two elements built with Microsoft 365 tools: the digitalization of the reservation and reception of visitors; and a set of mobile applications for the different actors in the process to carry out the corresponding tasks.

Achieved results

Thanks to the combination of Power Automate and Power Apps, our client has a fully digital system to control the entire life cycle of their visits, with the ability to monitor it in real time and with the advantage of being able to operate it from anywhere in their facilities.

The new system allows real-time tracking of the entrances and exits of the site. Confidential information about visits is available to the right people whenever they need it.
The customer has a secure record of all activities related to visitor management. Every action taken during the visit process is automatically recorded.
The system is ready to scale and cover new business opportunities. Integration with the organization's management tools facilitates the creation of new applications and new information exchanges.

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