The development of a single collaborative portal

Ancert and Portals of Notarial Associations

% of content update time reduction


websites of Notarial Associations in a single portal


reusable functionalities available in the catalog

The client's problem

  • Outdated user experience with little or no services to the public. Different functionalities, image or experience depending on the Notarial Association and incompatibility with mobile devices.​ 

  • A heterogeneous ecosystem of portals based on obsolete technologies that caused difficulty in updating content, high maintenance costs and no action on old portals. The state of the art technology could lead to security risks and the high cost of upgrading to new versions. 

The client's objectives

  • Unify user experiences and increase the range of services offered to Associations, Notaries and the general public, with a multiplatform experience that reduces the difficulty of managing and updating content, and improves the usability of the portals.​ 

  • To standardize technology in order to reduce the management efforts of the portal itself, its maintenance and the costs of new developments. ​ 

  • Increase the security, the available documentation and the image of the service to schools. 

Main challenge

  • Coordinate the objectives of the Notarial Associations in terms of their multi-device strategies, communication and services to Notaries and the general public.​ 

  • To provide an advanced and common tool, but at the same time flexible and customizable by school, which allows both a joint strategy and the response to specific needs.​ 

  • Facilitate the evolution of services and content, and ensure the technological updating of portals to achieve a platform that provides security, scalability and simplifies management.


IN2 has developed a collaborative portal that allows for​: 

  • Deploy each school's website according to its internal processes and timelines.​ 

  • Implement customizable functionalities configured by each school.​ 

  • Create a common design image but customized and managed by each school.​ 

  • Access from different devices, which generates a user-friendly and innovative user experience ​and centrally manage users, roles and permissions. ​ 

  • State-of-the-art secure technology with extensive core functionality and the ability to migrate to new versions at a reduced cost (Liferay 7.4 on Openshift Container Platform).

Achieved results

  • Increased stakeholder satisfaction levels​ 

  • Improved service to the public by the Notarial Associations, their Notaries and the general public.​ 

  • Renovation of the image of the Notarial Colleges and improvement of accessibility through different devices.​ 

  • Reduced maintenance, upgrade and security costs​ 

  • Increased capacity to carry out complex developments​ 

  • Unified and Flexible Management 

Increased stakeholder satisfaction​and service improvement
Renovation of the image and improvement of accessibility
Reduced costs and increased capacity for complex developments
Unified and flexible management

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